Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Tonight we will fight for our lives,
We'll never give up we will strive,
We must beat Porto in order to advance,
Go to zoo Quaresma you won't have a chance,
Captain Marvel will inspire us all,
Together we rise together we fall,
Stevie G's too good to be true,
Can't take the ball off of you,
He will break Lucho's leg tonight,
Shut up and get the hell out of our sight,
Tonight the Kop will shout and Anfield will roar,
"You'll never walk alone" erupts it the air,
Come on lads show the spirit of Istanbul,
Playing in UEFA Cup is not cool,
We're the Scouse we fear no one,
Not Postiga not even the Taliban,
Tonight we will show you why,
We'll never walk alone and we will smile...

Come on Reds walaupun aku shift malam arini akanku ponteng sejam dua untuk memberi sokongan. Peace.


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