Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Best Tv Show In This Whole Wide World

No, it's not Alias. Not anymore. Sorry Syd, you've been toppled by the World's Best Boss. Click Read More.

What is the BEST tv show ever? It's The Office! Yes babe, not Grey's nor Supernatural ok? Hee hee. What??!! You guys haven't seen the show? Ok maybe not the British version, but how about the U.S version? Come onnnn. So what's so great about it? The Office is a mockumentary which deals with daily life of Micheal Scott, the Regional Manager of a paper company called Dunder Mifflin and his employees. So why should you guys watch it? Because it's so effing funny. I will personally wash your underwear/leopard g-strings if you watch an episode and weren't laughing at all. You don't have to watch it from season 1 to appreciate the show. I myself started watching it from season 3 (it hard to get the first to season btw, unless you buy the dvd). So let's Meet the Fockers. Err I mean my top 3 favorite employees of Dunder Mifflin. Ohh it's just my own interpretation of the characters, btw.

1) Michael Scott, Regional Manager (played by Steve Carell from 40 Years Old Virgin)
Micheal thinks he's funny. But his jokes are always inappropriate, racist, offensive and menyakitkan hati. And he don't realize that. What makes it funny is his lack of self-awareness, which is highlighted by the awkward situation he creates for himself and other people and how he handles those embarrassing moments. He's also 'stupid' and lurus bendul. There's an episode where he drove his car into a lake because he followed the gps system in his car which made me laugh for hours. Michael always berlagak pandai and conduct seminars that range from sexual harassment, the handicapped, black people, drugs, homosexuality, prison, and women's appreciation in an attempt to educate his staff, who all seem more aware of and more mature about the subject matter than himself. But despite all of his flaws, he has a desire to make everyone happy (except for Toby). He went to great lengths to save the jobs of his employees. He threw away birthday parties to all of his employees. Man i should post an entry about Michael. Yes. I will. Someday. There's so many things that you need to know about him.

2) Dwight Schrute (Assistant to the Regional Manager)
Dwight considers himself as Michael's right hand man. He always show his blind support for Michael no matter what. He idolizes his boss and Jack Bauer (from '24'). He is a farmer and has a farm called Schrute's Farm and sometimes turn it into Bed and Breakfast. His colleagues consider him a freak and weird, except for Angela, his secret girlfriend (but they broke up recently because Dwight killed Angela's cat). Dwight lacks social skills and hated by everyone but he's the top salesman in the office. He even beat the webpage! Way to go D. He's obsessed with power, yet still naive and always fall for Jim's pranks.

3) Andy Bernard (Regional Director in Charge of Sale)
Andy is a funny and lovable character. To me, at least. He's always overconfident, talks big all the time, thinks he's good with woman and even plays Call of Duty. He has an anger management problem, but still have a sweet side. You girls (and maybe some guys like me) will fall for him easily because of his mengurat tactics. The scene where he sing a song to Angela is kinda cool. Andy is originally from Stamford branch before being transferred to Scranton. He's competitive and very good at membodek and tries to snatch Michael attention from Dwight.

And of course there's Jim, Pam, Stanley, Kevin, Creed, Angela, Phyliss, Meredith, Ryan, Kelly, Jan....

So? Ceq tau ampa sudah terkeluaq ayaq liuq mendengaq pasai the offih nih. Jangan tunggu lagi sila dunlod ( atau mintak saje kat aku.
We'll discuss the price later. Ohh the show is currently on hiatus due to the writer's strike. Pleasee penuhi saja tuntutan mereka jangan biarkan aku kesunyian tanpa jenaka2 bangang abang maikel...


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