Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodbye HP, Hello Microsoft

Yes. I'm leaving HP. The Americans will miss that helpful, polite, patient, resourceful agent Josh. Josh? As in Josh Hartnett? Yes. That's my floor name. Well actually, a customer accidentally heard Josh when I was saying 'Jai'. I thought that was kinda cool, so from that moment, I started to call myself Josh. Haa haa. But hey, this post is not about my cool names. "So mengapa neraka kau mahu meninggalkan TeleTech Mohamad Faizal? Bukankah aku yang membawa kau interview di sana empat bulan lalu takkan dah nak blah??" carut Saiful Izwan bin Ibrahim Gerak Khas. Click Read More or the title.

It's true. I've sent my resignation letter last week. The hr manager was begging me to stay. She said, "Why do you wanna leave Faizal. Please don't go. You're the best agent out there. You've never got any D-SAT (customer dissatisfaction) and 2 precious CSAT (customer satisfaction) and the QA were always impressed by the way you handle all the calls...please don't leave...". Of course, I was exaggerating, but the fact was true. I did leave on good terms hee hee.

So mahu pergi mana? Tak jauh. 7 minit perjalanan menaiki kereta dari Bangunan K.U.B di Jalan Yap Kwan Seng ke Menara Olympia di Jalan Raja Chulan, jika tak jem. Kalau naik roller blade lambat sikit kot. So why actually do I wanna leave? Ok back then, my team leader was leaving. So when he left, nobody really supervise us, and any attempt by other team leader to tell us what to do will only result to amukan rakan sebaya. We didn't feel motivated to come to work, especially on the night shift (that's 11pm to 8 am). Yeah night shift. That's another factor. I miss lots of event because I'm a batman (tido siang keje malam). Abang Adam kawen, rakan2 kuar minum dan berfoya2, menonton wayang bersama gadis-gadis eh i mean gadis (hee hee) ahh aku rindukan semua itu.

Then satu demi satu team mate aku pergi. Even my bitch, Muaz is leaving. But Muaz yang keji (hee hee) gave my number to his new company Datacom (www.datacom.com.au), and they interviewed me on the phone. I passed, and they asked me to go for the test and interview the next day. So setelah berpura2 sakit di hadapan doktor untuk menagih mc, aku pun pergila interview keesokkan harinya. Man the test was super tough. The position that I apply for is Level 2 Technical Support for Microsoft. So the questions were based on Microsoft products and services. So imagine if you've never used Outlook before, and you got ten questions about them, what would you do? Well I tried to meniru jawapan calon laen tetapi malangnya set soalan berbeza. Haa haa. 25 questions, and I need 80% to pass. Hmm. And as usual, they got the English test. It was allrite, i guess. After that, typing test. Haa? You need to exceed the 40 words per min mark to pass the test. Cis easy measy. Pengalaman berchatting selama 11 tahun takkan dipersia2kan. But guess again. I failed on the first attempt haa haa. Then interview dengan manusia. Jeng jeng jeng. Pelbagai soalan pedas tetapi bernas diajukan kepadaku? "Why do you wanna leave TeleTech? You only work there for about 4 months...Job hopping?" Soalan mudah tetapi merbahaya. (Skrip sebenar) I don't think I was job hopping. I think I've learned a lot while I was working with HP in TeleTech. From the basic thing on how to go safe mode to the complicated how to edit the registry by deleting upper and lower filter if your DVD drive is detected in BIOS but not in Windows. Besides, working with Microsoft will be a good experience (and better pay, haa haa). Then I went back home and edit my Idwal's resignation letter because I got the job. Hee hee.

So before I leave, I consulted my new team leader. To help me, he gave me reasons why I should stay and why should I leave. Stay: I'm in a new team now. The No 1 team actually. The best team get to choose their off days. And everything is well prepared by the team leader and ASG (agent support group) eg support documentations, effective process etc. Things might have been different if I got to this team earlier. He also told my that HP is expanding, and might rope in new agents so the chance to climb up the ladder is high. He also mentioned that working with Microsoft might have more pressure as every computer manufacturer, HP, Dell and so on will use the cheat code "refer to Microsoft" if a particular issue is not resolved. Well I used that A LOT. Leave: He advised me to go, as it's a better offer and good learning experience for me. As simple as that. Btw, what made me sign the contract on the spot - normal working hours, rotating shift between 6 am- 8pm (Australian mate!), hot chicks (better than TeleTech), and FREE MCSE/MCP.

I'll start on 3/3. Riang ria bercuti sekarang di rumah bermain 360 kesayanganku menjadi Naruto. So is this a good career move? Tell me, please.


Anonymous said...

pilihan bijak faizal


hUdArLiNg said...

akhirnya,kita sudah setaraf:

1)kene bangun awal untuk ke kerja
2)tidak perlu balik lambat dan bekerja normal shift(tak payah jadi batman or in my case drive 30 km untuk pulang ke rumah pada pukul 1200am almost everyday-dulu2)
3)tidak terlepas majlis2 penting sanak saudara dan rakan2 dan berpoya2
4)merindui keje shift

haha.welcome2 =]

Mohamad Faizal said...

adam: thanks aku memang bijak macam sang kancil kau memang kacak macam penyanyi seal (sajak ni)

huda: 5) sexual harassment di AEON?

Yun said...

Btw, my cousin brother kerja kat situ gak..Telemarketing for Microsoft ERP S/ware kalau x silap..Hehe

Mohamad Faizal said...

yeke? sape name? kat sana ramai gadis cina yang leng macam kelly chen

yun said...

i x tau lar name betul die ape..i only meet him once a year during cny..hehe..but we share the same sur name..
so..u seronoklar dikelilingi amoi2 yg cantik :P
kelly chen cantik ker?die dah x famous lar..huhu

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