Friday, February 15, 2008

Ku Mahu Hidup Seribu Tahun Lagi

Fade in intro. Traditional music feel kicks in. Is that sape or gamelan? 'Dirty' guitar distortions with running bass line in the background. Yes people, the greatest band in Malaya is back, with a bang. No, not Y.P.R. Butterfingers, after a few years hiatus since releasing their last Malay album returns with a new single off their latest offering, 'Kembali'. The new video clip is released in Youtube. Listen to the lyrics. It's a far cry from zaman2 Girl Friday or Chrome. Can't wait for the full album to be released!

Memanglah penat.
Tapi macam mana nak buat?
Sudah terlambat baru nak cepat.

Brilliant. Or not?


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