Monday, March 3, 2008

The Office Game!

If you like casual games like Diner Dash, Wedding Dash and the band Dashboard Confessional or just a fanatic like me, you'll absolutely love this game. It is developed my Mumbo Jumbo. You can download the demo from their site. Demo? Tak mainla demo. You guys can and must (Imam Surau Al-Kauthar dah kuar fatwa dah) download this game and you can get the torrent here. But this torrent use a private tracker which means that you have to register at their site, Private trackers usually have a high amount of seeds, because users get banned if their sharing ratio is too low. I didn't register actually, because they only open the registration once a week. So what you guys can do is just let it load into your torrent client (i use BitComet), and somehow if you're lucky there will be some loophole and you will get like 1 kbps. Haa haa. Pendownloadan aku tamat selepas 6 hari 11 jam 55 minit 30 saat tidak menutup pc. Haa haa. If korang malas bagi aku tamdraiv aku jual dalam 5 ringgit je game tu. Click Read More for screenshots.

So lets talk about the gameplay itself. As told by Dwight K. Schrute, the challenge is to help to fill Paper Orders by completing task for other office workers. In every level of competition you will face a rival. You will need to help your co workers by giving them correct colored files, make copies of them and pull a prank on your rival to slow them down. Ahh. Lihat saja screenshots di bawah. Like I said, if you've played diner dash before, you'll enjoy this game.

Character Bios. All of them!

You'll play as Jim. Try beat the best salesman of Dunder Mifflin, Dwight Schrute.

Tunggu apa lagi? Download right now and send it to 20 people if not you will have diarrhea for two weeks (blog berantai).


hUdArLiNg said...

sengal.haha.takde pun screenshotnye ijai. berantai kee..uuuuu....takutnyeeee...hahaha

Mohamad Faizal said...

manatah hilangnya gambaq monyet punya blogger .siapa baca post ni kena garu ketiak di tempat kejadian selama 5 minit jika tidak akan bulu ketiak dia tidak akan berhenti tumbuh (komen berantai)

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