Sunday, September 28, 2008

Siri Televisyen Amerika Kembali

Heroes: The one who shot Nathan Petrelli = Peter Petrelli...from the future.

Grey's Anatomy: Derek Shepherd meninggal dunia

Supernatural: Dean escaped from hell...saved by an Angel

The Office: Jim proposed.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron says she loves John. John gets horny.

Aku memang gemar memberi spoiler. Haa haa sape suruh lambat donlod.


sugar-coated cupcake said...

haha sangat spoil. tapi nasib i tak follow citer2 tu. :)

Mohamad Faizal said...

yeke? bagaimana dengan gossip girl?

1) Chuck and Blair clashing once again.

2) Blair feeling betrayed by Serena's new popularity - especially after the chart she prepared for her mom's fashion week show is changed.

3) The return of a deliciously evil Chuck Bass, who boots poor Dan out of the limo at the end of their big night out.

(digoogle khas untuk mengspoilkannya untuk anda)

syun said...

wei..knp Derek Shepherd meninggal dunia?? Uwaaa...T_______T

Mohamad Faizal said...

haa haa ajal maut di tangan tuhan. tgkla dulu baru tau bagaimana

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