Friday, October 31, 2008

Team Awesome

After gameweek 10, Anfield Heroes, managed by the World Class manager Mohamad Faizal is on top of the league. With 89 points for the midweek game, the first place was snatched from the hands of Aripin Pandak Udin (Lebai). But danger is lurking from below when several other title rivals are closing in, with several teams managed to get 80 points and above. Liga Super is a very competitive league, where the title won't be decided with just one gameweek. Click Read More to get the analysis from out own pundit Shebby Singh regarding the title contender for this year's Fantasy Premier League.

Here are the main title contenders for this season:

Team: Toon Army
Manager: Amir Rashidi
Overview: One of the last remaining Geordies, the Toon Army is Anfield Heroes biggest rival. The manager has wealth of experience in the Barclays Premier League, managing countless of football team in Football Manager franchise (and cheating his way to the top, of course). After a couple of dissappointing season, this could be his turn, showing his intention and hunger for success by leapfrogging the previous leader, Cengkiakhidup CF after collecting 81 points.

Team: Romper Stopper
Manager: Dazrul Syariz
Overview: The unpredictable. Romper Stopper could challenge for honors again this season after a couple of brilliant performances, helped by the combination of Ronaldo-Lampard. Mana aci ada dua2 player gagah. Despite that, Dazu is known for his lack of 'focus' there will be a time bila dia akan menjadi lalai and his team will be 'abandoned' and one by one another team will pancung him. ehehehe (gelak dazu).

Team: Rosly Joran FC
Manager: Shuhud Zakaria
Overview: En Rosly is his inspiration. Shuhud has a vast experience in the football as well, but his weakness came from his berlagakness and rash decision making as shown by the amount of transfer that he do each week, or perhaps just unlucky (buang berbatov angkat runi letak kapten, haa haa).

Team: Jerung Melapah
Manager: Adam Johari.
Overview: The surpise package. Altough Jerung Melapah did not enter the league until gameweek 2, the team is showing some signs that they could be a threat in the future. After doing some research and complete reshuffle using the wild card, they manage to produce a consistent performance since then (80 points for the last game week)

So here's the current standings:

Of course, there are some fringe teams Syam's Merry Men (haha), Lazybone Fc (haha) and even Kami Nakal (terperosok di bawah). By the way, aku memang pundit yang handal cubala rampas takhta liga hee hee. Assalamualaikum


Anonymous said...

haha nasib baik aku tak tukar captain ke adebayor. sikit lagi nak terlepas 32 points.


Anonymous said...

jai kau tak kerja ke hari jumaat ni?


Mohamad Faizal said...

aku sedang keje la ni membazirkan bandwidth ofis. handal kau 80 points pancung abe la bagi dia segan

Anonymous said...

hoi hoi - aku mengejar dgn kencang...dah no 5...jaga jaga korang


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