Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's win is a conspiracy!

Here's the fact: Obama winning the presidential election is just a big diversion to a bigger, sinister plan. It turns out that McCain and Obama has been working together for the past 10 years devising a plan to get into the White House, to perform the biggest heist ever, stealing the Hope Diamond. Neither one of them has any real interest in being the president. Obama and McCain, together with Palin and Michelle are actually a group of world class thieves. You guys don't believe me? Click Read More for the undeniable proof.

Well at least that's what happen on the latest episode of South Park. The cool thing was how the South Park guys able to release this episode with the victory speeches from Obama, just a day after the results. Well I'm sure they have completed most of the episode even before the result, but to be able to include the real quotes from both of them, impressive!

Well the storyline is clearly a spoof of Ocean's Eleven. After being elected as president, they can now access the underground escape tunnel located in the Oval Office that happens to run underneath the Smithsonian institute to steal the Hope Diamond. The death of Obama's grandmother also played a part there (altho kinda kurang ajar, but hey, it's South Park). At the same time, the South Park residence, led by my favorite South Park character, Randy Marsh (bapak stan yang bangang), are partying all night, starting riots while chanting "Yes we can!" to celebrate Obama's win. McCain supporter were shown committing suicides as they thought the end is near. Again, a mockery to the real life.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone can do and say whatever they want in South Park without getting the consequences. That's why I love South Park. Lets watch this episode 'About Last Night' (youtube saje jika tak boleh stream di sini).


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