Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rachel Kum has fake boobs?

Who is Rachel Kum? Rachel Kum is the newly crowned Miss Singapore, and she is smokin hot. Hotter than Rozita Che Wan and Nanu Baharudin combined together. Well actually I just knew who she was today after reading The Star. Apparently Rachel could have given a fake measurement of her prized assets, according to a blogger. Read the full article here:

This leng lui was already in a midst of a controversy with a picture of her sucking a dodgy looking cake.

Then, just out of the blue, one of my office mate sent an email with menggoda iman pictures of her to the whole floor, causing massive spam debating whether she had a boob job and somehow the topic melencong to 'does size matter'?

Ok let's kaji her pictures and tell me whether it's real or fake. Well it doesn't really matter right?

Click Read More to make your body temperature go higher. Please do not go to the toilet to unleash future dentists or reservoir engineers yet.

Rachel if you're reading this, I will be voting for you as this year's Miss Malaysia is not that hot. Maaf ya cik.

All pictures are taken from Rachel Kum's blog, visit Pastu skrol ke bawah sikit di mana gambar-gambarnya lebih hangat daripada biasa.

oh yeah.

p/s: does size matter?


Anonymous said...

Rachel Kulum?


Anonymous said... fml

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