Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Women Should Not Talk About Football, Episode 2

Monday, 27 October 2009, 7 a.m.

I woke up in a happy mood. You know why. When driving to work every morning, I like to listen to the Morning Crew. So apparently, since JJ is a big Man U fan, they decided to give the listeners a chance to call in and talk about last night's match. So of course, there were Liverpool fans banging JJ without mercy, and a few of Man U fans backing him up. Then this one lady called maybe because she wanted to join the fun. Maybe she thought she was cool enough to talk football. On air! Her name was Sonia/Sonya/Sony, I think. Let's listen to their conversation (lebih kurang).

JJ & Ean: So are you a Liverpool or Manchester United fan?

Sonia: Welllll hmmmmm I kinda like both..... (what the what?)

JJ & Ean: You cannot support Liverpool and Man U at the same time. That's illegal! It's either you choose black or white, you cannot choose grey.

Sonia: My uncle supports Liverpool but I like Man U too...

JJ & Ean: So this week who are you supporting?

Sonia: Liverpool of course! Because they won. But it's okay next time if Man U win i will support Man U... (WHAT THE WHAT??!!)

Please click Read More to learn why guys with balls take this issue seriously.

1) If you are a genuine Liverpool supporter, you will hate Man U with all your life (vice versa). You will detest them, curse their players, hoping that they would catch the swine flu, especially Wayne Rooney. So girls, if you really really want to talk about football on air without embarrassing yourself even if you do not know who what is Wayne Rooney, make sure that you pick just ONE team. You CANNOT support both. To put in the girlish term, it's like choosing a pad. You can only choose either Kotex or Laurier. You cannot wear both at the same time.

Also, if you want to pick a favorite team, please do so but do not use the average handsomeness of the team as your selection criteria. Or at least, don't tell us why you choose the team.

2) Guys dig chicks who can talk football. But does that mean you really, really need to use footballing matters to catch our attention? Fine, you can ask about last night's match, you know, to show that you care. But after that you have to actually listen to our rants about how Rio Ferdinand was easily beaten by Fernando Torres, or why Gary Neville needs to be sent to SPCA (because he's old and useless). When you listen, pretend that you are interested, even if it's boring.

3) Football is our passion. When we talk about football, we do it passionately with emotions running wild. If you don't have a clue about football, you don't have to force yourself to talk about it with guys. Don't embarrass yourself by blurting nonsense stuff. We will not think less of you for not knowing what 'offside' means. We can talk about shopping but then again, you girls might feel offended when we say that we love Samsonite over Coach :). Girls love shopping with their girlfriends instead of their husbands right?

What do you say girls/boys?

Episode 1 can be found here.


Anonymous said...

i cant agree more.i'm a girl and bila my bf ckp psl football i dgr je and kacau2 sikit tanye itu ini but that was it lah..i takde lah nk tjk pandai ke ape sbb i tak minat football pon so why nk impress my bf by pretending to know and blurted some silly stuffs.nanti gaduh plak.so yes to be supportive i just let him ckp ape3 ikot suka dia lah abt football and i just dgr.peace!

Eliza said...

Bro..jgn lah compare football ngan shopping. Kalau we all tak dapat bag coach, we all tak emo.. ;)

Rynn (sunshine) said...

hahaha nice entry! i agreed.. some girls bluntly trying to impress guys but in the end it becomes an absolute nonsense.. maybe because they compare football matches with movies like Fernando Torres is the gorgeous Edward Cullen in Twilight.. hahaha~

Mohamad Faizal said...

siti anon: begitulah baru gadis yang mithali. lepas tu mintak beg tangan pun mesti kami bagi

eliza: yeke tak emo hii hii hii

rynn: abang torres memang ensem tapi edward kulen ensem ke muka macam orang homeless je (pendapat umum kaum lelaki)

Rynn (sunshine) said...

hahaha itu kan pendapat umum kaum perempuan.. jgn masukkan sy skali.. jgnkan hero je, cite tu pun sy x berkenan.. kecewa sbb tertipu.. trailer mcm gempak tp tgk kat wayang *tutttt* :D

Alia Liverpool said...

halo. just blogwalking then nampak blog ni.

not a good time for us fans rite now,but seriously la,this post ni make my day,haha.eventho i ni perempuan.seriously.haha.cos sometimes nmpk kawan2 pompuan cam work hard nk impress i n other laki by cakap "alia,ari tu kt tgk bola.torres tu ensem gle!" and i pi cakap blk "oh,assist dia lawa rite?" and the pompuan2 tu cam "assist tu what?"

again,NICE POST.

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