Monday, August 6, 2007

Top Ten Celebrity Crushes

Top Ten; The place where you can find the things i like and the things i hate....totally gay, but hella fun!

Let's start with my Top Ten Celebrity Crushes! Don't be shy just post your gay thoughts and sexual fantasies here. (click Read More)

1. Jennifer Garner

I fell in love with this superduperhot babe since the first time I saw her in Alias (wait for my Top Ten favorite tv shows). Sydney Bristow, or 'Syd' has everything from the killer 'muncung', dazzling smiles, spankin hot body and a barrage of kung fu moves. That 'moment' came in an episode (season 2, 'Phase One') where Syd was wearing a black bra and panties and thigh-high black fishnet hose trying to seduce that asshole, before he said, "No, put on the red one". Arghh what's wrong with the black???. She knocked him out after that, of course.
Now she has a daughter with Ben, but still maintain that hot body dan jelita face. So that's why she ranked no 1 in my this top ten list.

2. Sharon Stone (mase mude)
Haa haa she's 48 now but still bisa mencairkan hati jejaka2 lemah sepertiku. It was like 10 years ago when 'Basic Instinct' was played in TV2. Mama abah menonton di bawah aku tengok kat tv atas nasib baik tak tengok bersama2. Who can forget the famous interrogation scene where she didn't wear panties and made that guy from 3rd rock from the sun sweating like hell. Tapi tengok kat tv2 mestila banyak potong kan haa haa hanya setelah beberapa tahun kemudian barulah membeli vcd dia. Hoi sape curik vcd tu pulangkan la woi aku nak tengok balik.

3. Michelle Reis (Lee Kar-yan)

Haa haa you guys should watch her in Healing Hearts! Sedih doo mengalir air mata dan hidung aku. She's simply drop dead gorgeous. I also love her in Fong Sai Yuk and Royal Tramp (with Stephen Chow, yay!). And I think she did acted in one of those Young and Dangerous films..can't remember which one. Her last movie was in 2003...sibuk dengan Loreal agaknya.

4. Faye Wong

She's the best female singer in this whole wide world! Her voice is very unique and mesmerizing, although you could notice the influences from Dolores O'Riordan or Sinead O'Connor. It chills you to the bone everytime she unleash her vocal solo. I never knew her until the later stage of FF8 and "Eyes on Me" was played. Ok she's not that pretty, bole tahanla Cina mata sepet sket idung penyek sket above average la. Lepas tu terus pegi Metro Kajang beli kaset dia 'Faye HK Scenic Tour" tros menjadi Fayenatic! Saya juga memiliki album Fable ngan yang ada lagu 'Di-Dar' (tatau kaver dia tulis apa). Walaupun tak faham sepatah hapa cong ceng cong ceng hamsaplo namun sekadar mendengar suaranya berjaya membuatku jatuh cinta.

5. Nanu Baharudin

milf. enuff said.

6. Geri Halliwell

Laugh all you want. She was hot back then. We all love the Spice Girls. And now they're back. Yay.

7. Annie Mack

Who the hell is Annie Mack? I dunno if you guys remember that tv show "The Secret World of Alex Mack", about a girl who was drenched in toxic waste and suddenly became supergadis. Annie Mack is her older sister, played by Meredith Bishop. Haa haa I can't remember why i liked her so much.

8. Rachel McAdams / Diane Kruger


9. Natalie Portman

Original version, not the bomoh bersolek in Star Wars.

10. Maria Ozawa
Tidak perlu penjelasan
So that's my list. Tell me yours.


trin^reen said...

will there come a day when jennifer garner turun takhta??? ;p

hUdArLiNg said...

haha..i totally agree with the comment above...hehe..

maskawaih said...

maria ozawa siot.

yun said...

wah..u minat faye wong..i'm so suprised :o

Anonymous said...

haha..nanu and MO dlm list..caya lah jai..nak nanu.3gp x??

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