Thursday, October 18, 2007

Iron Curtain Falls on England??

Russia 2 England 1. Now the Euro 2008 qualification is out of our hands. Barbie.

The defeat now left the Three Lions on second place in Group E with 23 points, but the Russian has a game in hand. England hopes for qualification now hangs in the balance. We need the help from the effing Jews to hold off the march of the Russian Army. If the Russian beat the Jews, then we might as well forget about Euro 2008. The Russian would totally whip Andorra on their final match. Watching Euro without England is like puasa but mencarut; pointless and not worth it.

Err why 'we'? Dudeee. We Malaysians should all support England because our second nationality is English(haa?) . Imagine, jika kita tidak mencapai kemerdekaan, kita pasti akan menjadi orang England. So, Peter Crouch and Akmal Rizal (masa kat Kedah) up front, Stevie G's formidable partnership with Indra Putra in the central midfield, Pennant (well he SHOULD be in the England squad) and Steve McLaren is an es hol for overlooking Carra-Norhafiz Zamani partnership. Carson should be no 1 goalkeeper though as all Malaysian goalie have sissy ponytails and prone to stupid mistakes. Yes people, it's all Liverpool English players if you hadn't noticed. Sukatila aku fanatik Liverpool.

So what's wrong with the current England squad? We have the quality. We have the depth. Should we blame it on the Russian artificial pitch? Come on, the Russian weren't used to it either. Lampard's abysmal form? Well he's been dropped and Barry did well in his place. The retirement of Carra? Maybe, but we still plenty of good options. The inclusion of Rooney gemuk and left out Crouchie on starting line up? Well yeahh. Okay he scored but but he also gave away the decisive penalty. When you're playing away from home you should be more cautious, play long balls and let Crouch be the target man. He's super tall and good in the air, he can hold off the ball and wait for support. Or perhaps you can blame the referee like Macca did. Whatever. Hey I'm qualified to give my professional opinion. I deserve to sit next to John Dykes as a football pundit based on my hundreds of season playing cm/fm. I can do a better job than Steve McLaren. Whatever. Buatlah semayang hajat agar England layak ke final Euro 2008 Amin.


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