Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Game of the year? Probably. Well at least it will be until the release of Fallout 3. You play as Niko Bellic, an illegal immigrant arriving in Liberty City to live the 'American Dream' as promised by his fat cousin, Roman Bellic. He's compelled to start working for one of the watak jahat shortly after arriving, when he learns that his cousin has some potentially fatal gambling debts. Niko, imho, is the coolest main character in the GTA series (more badass than CJ, cooler that Tommy). With his sexy accent, everyone in the game loves him. There are a lot of interesting characters in this game. Brucie, the steroid-pumping-car-fanatic-bastard, Packie and his Irish families, Ben the Fag, the Mafia bosses and lots of girlfriends (and boyfriends) that you can date. Ready to kill innocent people? Click Read More for the reviews.

Other than usual roaming in the city killing people and stealing cars, the story missions are interesting. The best mission that I've played so far is the bank heist. You and your best friend Packie will rob a bank, fire your way through the endless wave of the S.N.O.O.Z.E (the S.W.A.T team), and if you survive, $250,000 will be yours. Cooool. Of course, if you have played GTA before, the mission look somewhat familiar. Whack some Albanian gangster, steal the rare car, escort some politician, kidnap the mafia's daughter, chase down some American bikers and even a job interview. The side mission like Ambulance, Taxi and Ice Cream truck have been removed. altough you can still do the Vigilante mission by stealing police cars. Each time you commit a crime, a star or a wanted level will appear. I've once reached 6 stars but where's the Rhino tank? Hmm. The army has been replaced by the FIB (thats not a typo).

Weapons. Well there's nothing new about the weapons. But it seems they have removed the katana, firethrower and the chaingun. New abilities in Niko's arsenal include scaling fences and walls anywhere he can get a foothold, shimmying along ledges, and, most importantly, taking cover behind objects. The targeting system has been modified. You can use your right analog stick to perform your head shot with your AK-47.

Vehicles. As I mentioned before, they have removed the Rhino tank. No more carnage and rampage in the city, i guess. Bike, plane, and the Apache are missing too. This time around, when stealing cars, there are variations of animation; if the car was locked, Niko will smash the window and need to hotwire it first. Some parked cars are protected with alarms, so there you go, an instant wanted level. And if you guys perasan, after we manage to steal the rare supercars like the comet or super gt, those cars will keep on spawning while we were driving it.

Friends/Girlfriends. GTA IV introduced the use of cellphone and internet. They got their own internet with social networking site for you to look for dates. Keeping friends and dates happy means spending time with them and doing things that they enjoy, and all of them have different personalities. Some friends like to join you for minigames such as bowling, pool, or darts, makan bege, get drunk, or go to strip club. Note: try your luck after your third date with the girls, who knows if they like you enough they will invite you to their apartment hee hee hee. Of course if you cannot wait, you can always look for a prostitute (sexy outfits, just drive your car near those bitches to get the spanking)So what's the point spending your hard earned money to your friends/girlfriends? Well Jakob the rasta will sell you discounted firearms if he like you enough, Roman your cousin can provide you free cab ride, Dwayne will send you two thugs to help you out and Kate will satisfy your needs.

Well penatnya aku nak menaip. Main jela game ini pasti takkan berhenti. Apa? Korang takde Xbox 360 yang kool macam aku? Haa haa padan muka korang. Assalamualaikum.


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