Friday, August 15, 2008

Always Be My Baby

Yeah bebeh. She's back. Ready to rawk again. 2 weeks at kedai Abang Bernard (Gamer Solution), and now she's ready to roll. Do you guys see the cahaya hijau keimanan below? Yeah the 3 rod can be fixed using the x-clamp replacement method (google it la). Although the possibility for the 3 rod to strike again is there, well we cannot just let our loved one sits there alone in the corner, can't we?

If you browse to loywat forums, you could find a couple of gurus who offers their service to fix the 3 rod. The price would be the same, around 100 bucks. Like I said, the x-clamp replacement method is just temporary solution. If you're lucky, you could survive for months, maybe years if shower your love to your 360. The only way to fix the 3 rod permanently is to sent it back to Microsoft (if you got the 3 years extended warranty) or sent it to some dude in Sungei Wang where he can fix it for RM500. Visit his thread for more information (

Anyway, the guy who fixed by 360, Bernard, is a nice guy. He owns a video game shop at City Bazaar, in front of Kompleks Pertama. If you need to find gaming gear or console with reasonable price, he's the man for you (or you can visit Gamer's Hideout at Cineleisure Damansara). Bini dia Crystal pesan, "oo you kena main dia hali hali oo. Kalau tak main pun lu kasi warm up saja". Heh.

Oh yeah. The Jesper is coming out soon. Anyone interested in buying my 360? I'm willing to listen to offers...come on!


Anonymous said...

baru berkenalan dengan bernard? hehe

Faizal Rosly said...

belila 360 aku mamat aku jual lagi murah dari bernard

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