Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Friends

I'm blessed with super friends.

Thank you for staying with me from early morning until the end of the day, taking leave even tho you don't have to.

Thank you for all the well wishes, and condolences.

Thank you for calling me to see how am I doing even though you're in the us or uk or kelantan

Thank you for attending the kenduri walaupun korang tak basuh pinggan.

Thank you for everything.

This is the time where i need you guys the most. Yes, you will always see me cracking jokes, lough out loud as if nothing happened, but hey, I'm good at hiding my feelings. So please, talk to me, come over to my house, take me out for a movie, minum2, or berfoya2 halal so that I could feel that I'm not alone.

Thank you. The next post will not be as emo as this.


sugar-coated cupcake said...

ijai.. ezu nak dtg umah ijai ptg td after lunch sebab ezu gi uniten tapi kan.. my car got into accident last wednesday sebenarnya.. so ezu tumpang kawan je. :(

anyway will pay u a visit again soon. insyaAllah.. u take care..

Mohamad Faizal said...

haha no worries, super friend!

Anonymous said...

jai,aku masih tak puas ati kekalahan fifa smalam...nanti kite rematch balik..
aku tak banyak on call minggu ni..mak aku pun takde kat rumah..nanti lepas maghrib berjemaah,kite pulun fifa sampai idung berdarah..


Idlan said...

ooooh, abe... bila mama takde kat rumah ini kerja kau. aku dah beli xbox 360. tahun depan balik KL celen ijai main guitar hero.

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